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GenCon 2008


Exterminations, with extreme prejudice   Colonial Marines: Hostile Take Over

The brass has obviously had enough. Weyland-Yutani has overstepped way too many bounds. And the bloodbath on HR-972 is the final straw. Whatever those corporate goons are cooking up in bioweapons is now the property of the United States Colonial Marine Corps. And it's repo time.
Sure, this isn't going to be pretty, but if it were meant to be pretty, they wouldn't be sending you. Saddle up, kids, this is going to be a bumpy ride. Pre-gens provided

Mission Briefing

Strike Force Epsilion   Colonial Marines: Total War

Weyland-Yutani has seceded from all nations of Terra and has declared itself a colonial power. Their first act was lightning strikes on US Space Command outposts in their "home sector". You are a member of the Marine Space Force, Eridani and have been called up to strike back. Your target is a WY corporate outpost on Thetis. Located there are some prime WY Execs that need to be captured at all costs. Warnings of a new bioweapon have been issued.

Mission Briefing


Souls of the Damned*
       * Not Included

It is early morning the day after Thanksgiving. Stuffed with turkey and tryptophan, your Ghostbusters are sleeping off the holiday cheer (as well as any alcohol required for getting through the family-related festivities). And of course, on this Blackest of Fridays, you get a call that chills your very souls.

Who ya gonna call?