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GenCon 2012


Exterminations, with extreme prejudice   Colonial Marines: Freeze Out

"Stupid effin' corporates. Stupid effin' garrison duty. Stupid effin' ice… What a glorious day in the corps."

-- LCPL. Sebastian, USCM

HR-972 might be a lifeless rock, but it's been a quiet home. And it may have been a boring tour; but it's nearing its end. Then some Weyland-Yutani morons on dark side managed to both receive an unscheduled drop and then allow their comms to freeze over. Time for a "friendly" reminder of the rules.

Mission Briefing

Exterminations, with extreme prejudice   Colonial Marines: Operation Flytrap

Priority Orders Received: Recover Dr. C Morrow, alive. Current Location: Weyland-Yutani “Avery Island” Research Facility (LV-232). Expect heavy resistance and bioweapon threats. Good Hunting, Marines.

Mission Briefing


Souls of the Damned*
       * Not Included

It is early morning the day after Thanksgiving. Stuffed with turkey and tryptophan, your Ghostbusters are sleeping off the holiday cheer (as well as any alcohol required for getting through the family-related festivities). And of course, on this Blackest of Fridays, you get a call that chills your very souls.

Who ya gonna call?