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GenCon 2007


Strike Force Epsilion   Colonial Marines: Freeze Out

"Stupid effin' corporates. Stupid effin' garrison duty. Stupid effin' ice… What a glorious day in the corps."

-- LCPL. Sebastian, USCM

HR-972 might be a lifeless rock, but it's been a quiet home. And it may have been a boring tour; but it's nearing its end. Then some Weyland-Yutani morons on dark side managed to both receive an unscheduled drop and then allow their comms to freeze over. Time for a "friendly" reminder of the rules. Pre-gens provided.

Mission Briefing

Exterminations, with extreme prejudice   Colonial Marines: Hostile Take Over

The brass has obviously had enough. Weyland-Yutani has overstepped way too many bounds. And the bloodbath on HR-972 is the final straw. Whatever those corporate goons are cooking up in bioweapons is now the property of the United States Colonial Marine Corps. And it's repo time.
Sure, this isn't going to be pretty, but if it were meant to be pretty, they wouldn't be sending you. Saddle up, kids, this is going to be a bumpy ride. Pre-gens provided

Mission Briefing

Castles and Crusades   Dread Caverns: Followers and Hangers-On

The Greylords are renowned around the lands as the greatest adventurers in generations. They have felled dragons, toppled kingdoms, and swam in riches beyond imagine. To serve your apprenticeship under them is a great honor.
Now, knee deep in the Caverns of Madness, that honor seems a might dubious. But the 'lords know what they're doing and they're your liege. So, onward! Sure, there's been some close calls, but… wait a second… what's that?!

The Story So far...